Who are Sades New Zealand?

Sades New Zealand was born from the desire to find and bring the best quality gaming peripherals based on value for money to New Zealand gamer's which we believe has been lacking. 

From humble beginnings with a small test shipment of product to test, torturer and scruteinise over 6 months proved Sades were able to manufacture both quality audio in a robust housing, yielding an impressive product at an affordable price.
The beautiful advantage with Sades products is that we cater for low to medium budgets, with headsets starting at just under $28 ranging to our top of the line at just under $178. We are the only brand in New Zealand able to offer a range of 17 different headset/audio options between that price range, offering options like LED/RGB lighting, Vibration, 2.0/7.1 virtual surround sound, Multi platform, Dedicated PC, ear buds and the range continues to grow as new models are released, giving our customers a great range to choose from. We also have a growing range of Mice, Mouse pads, Keyboards, Headset stands and gaming chairs. 

We have grown a strong relationship with Sades over the past four years since founding Sades New Zealand LTD in Feb 2014. This has been crucial to providing us with unbeatable support and product service, this reflects in how we deal with customers in New Zealand. 
We are here for the customer and feel we provide the best service bar none for gaming peripherals in new Zealand. Customers can rely on Sades New Zealand for ongoing support and product service.

                                                About Sades. 
Sades have evolved into a worldwide gaming lifestyle brand that connects with all gamer's by continually delivering the best quality technology and pioneering in world firsts. Sades were the first brand to bring 7.1 virtual surround sound to gaming headsets, Vibration and now the ability to select between dual gaming modes with the new upgraded Knight Pro released mid 2017 in partnership with USA based audio acoustic specialist Bongiovi. Using Bongiovi's DPS (Digital Power Station) technology has brought an all new level of audio experience to Sades Knight Pro. 
Sades use of in house and external cutting edge technology, combined with constant fine-tuning, has resulted in an interactive and immersive experience that is designed by gamers, for gamers that keeps getting stronger with each revision of their headsets.

                               How to understand Sades models.
As Sades release a model they give it a name to denote it for country specific applications. Simply put there are two! One system for Asia which consists of a two letter and three digit number combination eg: (SAxxx) written directly to the headset and for the rest of the world a name is given eg: (Knight Pro, Spellond, Locust, ETC).
The reason this is important is due to the final quality of the product. The western world has to meet ANZ, CE, ISO, RoHS,FDA certification (Sades meet or exceed all of these) to meet a countries electrical and compliance standards for that item to be allowed to be sold within that country. This is for safety and quality purpose's.  This costs a company quite a lot of money to apply for these tests and is a very involving process.  The result is a product that will give the consumer piece of mind knowing they are purchasing a product that looks after them, It also means buyer protection and consumer acts guarantee will be honored. 

From time to time Sades will pull a product from production to upgrade either a weakness or just to improve their product. Sades are very strict and passionate about quality and want their products to be reconised as industry leading. This is great for gamer's as it means products only get better. The same can not be said for some of their competition. Sades also have some of the biggest range of headsets available in the world for a peripheral manufacturer. 

When a upgraded model is released it is given the same name but with and addition eg: the original first gen Knight has evolved into the Knight Plus and now the Knight Pro. Each iteration has seen a leap forward in improvement, with the latest Knight Pro a huge step! Wait, lets make that "Jump" forward in performance while maintaining a tiny price adjustment at retail. 
When releasing a new model it simply fits into the range where there was a gap, making for a headset with different attributes to differentiate it from the rest, giving yet another option for consumers to choose from.

                                           Closing statement.
These are just a few of the reasons why Sades in our view are the best value for money in the business, but don't take our word for it! Try one today and judge for yourself?  
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