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Bongiovi heralds an all new era for Knight Pro
 Sades partner up with audio a
Sades partnership with Bongiovi in the USA heralds a huge leap   forward in specialised audio specific to Sades requirements and   obsession to improvement of their top line headset the upgraded   Knight Pro. Having the experience and perfection toward proper   audio, Bongiovi   have been able to give the Knight Pro a new   lease   of life that gamer's are going to be blown away with. In a   nut  shell   Sades have been able to use Bongiovi's DPS (Digital Power   Station) technology to enhance the users gaming experience. To   learn about DPS and what it means for you click the link.

                                                                       About Bongiovi
 The man is Tony Bongiovi, who, in 1977 built the world’s most   famous recording studio: Power Station. Due to its breakthrough   acoustical   design and engineering, the Power Station Studios in   NYC became the facility of choice for artists including Madonna,   AC/DC, Bryan   Adams, Aerosmith, The Beach Boys, Bon Jovi,   Mariah Carey, Eric Clapton, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Grateful   Dead, Whitney Houston, Billy   Joel, B.B. King, Paul McCartney,   Willie Nelson, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Sting,   Barbara Streisand, Neil Young, and many   more.
 These years of experience creating some of the finest recordings   in the world has been captured in a patented technology, easily   available   to you.

                                                     So why does Bongiovi ring a bell? 
 Tony Bongiovi is a cousin of Jon Bon Jovi, so music definitely runs   in the family.  To find out more about the history of Bongiovi   acoustics check the link out   below.

XPower Plus Wins Top Award

Sades have hit the ground running with the launch of the new and improved 'Xpower Plus' which brings a new standard in gaming headset design and functionality by being named Hong Kong PC station magazines best design award 2017.
While the XPower Plus has lost its multi platform ability from the previous model just named XPower with its 3.5mm jack, It is now a dedicated PC headset with a USB plug. This allows for a more immersive gaming experience and the ability to add features like LED lighting and vibration. The addition of vibration allows in game explosions, gun fire and any heavy bass tones to give the player more of a physical sense of being on the battle field. The amazing thing is that the vibration changes intensity depending on how close the explosion happens in game, far away you only experience a small vibration and close up you realise that was a close call. This level of immersion gives a form of feedback to the player which makes for a more realistic experience which in turn helps improve a players winning potential.

So in conclusion the XPower Plus represents an amazing product for its price point in the market at under $76 The packaging also makes for a great part of the experience with its book style presentation and velvet display tray, very impressive.

  • Brilliant sound effect
  • Powerful Vibration function
  • Multi-functional in-line remote
  • Cool blue LED light with pulsing mode
  • Flexible omnidirectional noise reduction microphone
  • Suspension & adjustable headband reducing the pressure on head
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